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GSA Advantage Customers

World Wide Imaging Supplies is a GSA Approved Vendor, supplying hundreds of United States Government accounts with their printing supply needs. Our experts have over 13 years working with GSA customers. Some of our accounts include: V.A Medical Centers, F.B.I offices, Correctional Facilities, Dept. of Justice, USDA Forest Services, Industries / Paperclips for the Blind, and various air force bases and naval bases.

Name: Zapopan Business Group, LLC ~ DBA: World Wide Imaging Supplies

Contract#: GS-02F-0001U ~ CAGE #: 4N9L1 ~ DUNS #: 790895416

Address: PO Box 591220, San Antonio, TX 78259

Phone #: (866) 497-4617 Fax#: (210) 495-5458

Contact: Jesse Ayon - VP Sales & Marketing


Order from the government:              Click Here To View Mandate

Executive Order 12873 was replaced with 13101. The new Order actually strengthens the government's commitment to environmental purchasing, favoring the cartridge remanufacturing industry.

President Clinton called this action his "Greening the Government" Executive Order, and issued a contemporaneous statement which says "I am pleased to sign an Executive Order strengthening federal efforts to protect the environment and promote economic growth through the purchase of recycled and other environmentally preferable products the federal government has a special responsibility to lead the way in building markets for recycled goods."

"The Federal government can be a good steward of our resources, and we fully intend to be." - President George W. Bush

At World Wide Imaging, we are certified under government agencies as a (DBA), (SBE), (SMWE), (MBE), (DBE), (HubZone), (WBE) with other certifications in transit such as the 8(a) and SDB.

If you are a US Government Account and are looking to save money on your ink supplies, you've come to the right place. Just have your Impact Card Holder call one of our associates to help you in finding what you need.

If you need proof-of-certification, tell your sales representative, and we will fax you what you need. And remember, Quantity = More Savings!! When buying in large quantities, we can save you even more. Don't wait! Call one of our GSA Sales Specialists today!

E-Waste Epidemic

Over 300 million empty toner and inkjet cartridges are being dumped into landfills across the world, and even here in the US ON A YEARLY BASIS! This result is roughly 1,000 tons of pollution that enters our waste stream daily - and it is all unnecessary.

Each discarded empty printer cartridge adds at least three pounds of unnecessary waste to our landfills…waste that can take as long as 1000 years to decompose. This is called “ E-Waste ”, and is a major factor in the pollution of our planet, indirectly affecting millions of people, and directly effecting thousands who like in these dump-zones. Even some manufactures claim to recycle their cartridges, when in fact, they dump or burn their used products in foreign countries like Asia and Africa.

Many OEM Manufacturers are or have been responsible for furthering this pollution epidemic. Additionally, the manufacturing process used to create new cartridges depends heavily on fossil fuels like oil. This year alone, cartridge remanufacturing will save millions of gallons of oil. By utilizing remanufactured cartridges you are not only saving money, but aiding in the efforts to save our environment, and ensure a brighter future. Explore below to find out more about E-waste and what you can do to help:


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